DCIS Internship Program

Denver Center for International Studies believes that learning can and should take place outside the classroom. As part of an initiative to promote Extended Learning Opportunities, DCIS is proud to offer an internship program to qualified high school students. The program provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in the workplace with benefits to their learning and development, in addition to further preparation for post-secondary endeavors.

The DCIS internship program is intended to be much more than a short term job for students and employers. The internship experience is a goal-oriented, monitored position related to a career field in which the student has expressed interest in pursuing. To foster academic and experiential learning and growth, students complete a formal application process including identifying individual goals. Through their experience, they keep ongoing reflective logs, meet regularly with the DCIS Internship Coordinator, and collaborate with their workplace mentor. At the end of their time in the workplace, students formally present their learning to peers and the community.

More Information About The DCIS Internship Program can be found here.