April 10th is College Readiness testing day!

April 10th is college readiness testing day: No School for middle school students or seniors.


Spring Break is just two weeks away. Please note that the week of March 19 is a full week of school, Monday-Friday. Every day counts, so please try to avoid taking your students out of school early on that week. Students’ spring break lasts through Monday, April 2. Classes resume on Tuesday, April 3rd.


Spring testing season begins the week after we return from spring break. This year we will have a college-readiness testing day dedicated exclusively to our    9th-11th graders taking the PSAT/SAT exams. On this day, April 10, there will be no classes for middle school students or for seniors. The only students who come to school on April 10th are 9th-11th grade students. (Note: sophomores who will be on the Canyonlands trip on April 10th will take their PSAT the following week.) We will send out a full testing schedule before spring break, but I wanted to highlight April 10 in particular, so that parents of middle school students and seniors can plan accordingly. Testing for middle school students will begin on April 11th.