Looking for a BIG way to help the school with little effort or cost? This may be the perfect opportunity!

The school perpetually runs low on copy paper, and given that a case can run around $40, those costs can quickly add up. In at least the past three years, Staples has run a Black Friday sale on copy paper where you pay the full price up front, then submit the rebate (super easy to do online). The net cost of the paper is $10/case, and you get your rebate in the form of a Visa card.

We won’t know until the wee hours of Black Friday whether they’re still running the sale (or whether you can order online and have the paper shipped to the school), but we’ll send out a push notification via the app as soon as we can to let you know whether the sale is on and whether an online option is available.

If 50 people each donated a case of paper, that would go a long way toward greatly helping the school. Stay tuned via the app for details!