Choice of Studies is coming!!! ^__^

Heads up, Ninth to Eleventh Grade Phoenixes~

Our Counseling Team has spoken to each of y’all (unless you were absent)- about the 2017/18 Choice Of Studies process and given the appropriate forms.

If (by some chance) you did not receive the forms- stop by the Counseling Center to pick some up, or to ask any question you may have.


2017/18 COS Schedule:

March 6– ALL 8th and 9th Grade

March 13– ALL 10th and 11th Grade


Below are the linked Choice Forms, Off Campus Forms, & the Change of Language forms.

Change of language for 8th graders is due March 10th.


request-for-an-off-campus-period updated-dcis-cos-freshman-2017-2018 updated-dcis-cos-juniors-2017-2018 change-of-language-form-17-18 updated-dcis-cos-sophomore-2017-2018 updated-dcis-cos-seniors-2017-2018