Club Teacher Sponsor Student Sponsor(s) When & Where Members
Ambassadors Club P. Garvey Daniel McCorquodale & Dillon Hunter Wed. Lunch- Rm 127 All
Art Club S. Marion, K. Walsh Madeline.. Fri. Lunch- Rm 116 A &B All
Black Student Alliance K. Adams Anpa’O Locke Wed. Lunch- Rm All
Creative Writing Club S. Lebovic Allison Hastings-Wottowa Thurs. Lunch- Rm 202B All
Drama Club C.Kerswill Sonja Pardee Wed. Lunch- Auditorium All
English Boot Camp S. Marion N/A Mon. After School- Rm. 116B All/ AP Lang Students
Mathletics Club C. Iversen Abigail Christian & Janan Anderson Mon. Lunch MS
Mongolia Club J. Houk Manna Naumann Wed. Lunch- Rm 213 All
International Indigenous Youth Club K. Locke Anpa’O Locke Fri. Lunch- Old Travel Center All
Shakespeare Club C.Kerswill Allison Hastings-Wottowa Mon. Lunch- Auditorium All
Speech and Debate S. Hirsch Owen Schalk, Reyna Esquible, and Mei Qi Lang After School- Rm. 122 All
Female Empowerment Group C.Cloyes Thurs. Lunch Room 114 MS