Stay tuned for information about 2016-17 clubs.  Here is the list of clubs that were available last year:

Name of Club Teacher Sponsor Student Sponsor(s) When & Where Members
Ambassadors Club David Cohen Oscar Saenz & Mackenzie Hale Wed. Lunch MS & HS
Anti-Bullying Club Jane Lineman Kaden Porter Wed. second 1/2 of Lunch in 203A HS & MS
Art Club Susan Marion Abby Villescas & Madelyn Christian Fri. Lunch in 103 MS & HS
Black Student Alliance Kevin Adams
Book Club Helen Chavez Stella Wilson Fri. Lunch 117A MS & HS
Cafe Espanol Sara Hirsch Thurs. Lunch in 122 MS & HS
Children’s Literature Club Sarah Lebovic Molly Manning Mon. (Blue) 1st 1/2 of Lunch in 202B MS & HS
China Club Li Mei Ge Mackenzie Hale & Evan TK Fri. Lunch in 120 MS & HS
Creative Writing Club Sarah Lebovic Abigail Villescas Thurs. (Green) Lunch in 202B MS & HS
Debate Teriann Whittington Hazel Seremet & Evan TK Tue/Thurs After School in 122 & 216A MS & HS
Drama Club Caroline Kerswill Sonja Pardee Wed. Lunch in Auditorium MS & HS
Fandoms-R-Us Steven Rounds Gabrielle Jaramilles Tue. Lunch in 220 HS
FIlm Club Caroline Kerswill David Teter Tue. Lunch in Auditorium MS & HS
Gay Straight Alliance Jane Lineman Damien Lopez Thurs. Lunch 1st 1/2 203A MS & HS
Girl’s Softball Jane Lineman Mon, Tue, & Thurs. After School MS Girls
Interact Kelly Dickens Mackenzie Hale & Mirsey Crowley Tue. 1st 1.2 of Lunch in 217B MS & HS
Jewish Student Connection Sarah Lebovic Mirsey Crowley Wed. (Green) Lunch in 202B 8th Grade and Up
Key Club Jeff Brown & Frank Pomponio Violet Virnich Tue. Lunch HS
Latino Student Alliance Gerardo Munoz Marisela Guillen & Sofia Romero Campbell Tue. Lunch in 123 MS & HS
Middle School StuCo Jennifer Boyle
Model United Nations Darlene Rivera Emily Frazer-Abel & Adam Salyers Thurs. after School and Fri. Lunch 209 MS & HS
Mongolian Club Sara Finnegan-Doyon Katie Hindman Fri. second 1/2 of Lunch 117A MS & HS
Muslim Student Alliance Darlene Rivera Sara Hassan Tue. Lunch MS & HS
Native American Culture Club Kimimila Locke Savanna Francis Fri. (Blue) Lunch in 201A MS & HS
NHS Jeff Brown & Frank Pomponio Katie Foust Thurs. Lunch in Auditorium MS & HS
NJHS Sarah Lebovic Scarlett Hope Thurs. first 1/2 of Lunch in 202B 7th-9th grade
Non Binary Student Corps. NBSC Sonia Burns Sid Pasquino Thurs. second 1/2 of Lunch in 111 MS & HS
Phoenix Newspaper Sarah Lebovic Camille Sauers Tue. Lunch in 202B MS & HS
School Design Club Jen Portillo Aileen Jones Fri. After school in Travel Center MS & HS
Sculpting Club Teri Stewart Sophie and Katie Wed. Lunch in 224 MS & HS
Speak Freedom Gerardo Munoz Mon. Lunch in 123 MS & HS
Student Council Kimberly Rodriquez Evan TK and Katie Foust Mon. Lunch in HS
UNICEF Club Adam Reiter Evan TK & Manna Naumann Thurs. Lunch in 205 MS & HS