Club Time & Sponsor Focus Eligibility
Ambassadors alternate Wednesdays @ lunch w/Efting (127) showcasing DCIS to the world all (application required)
AP English Bootcamp Thursdays after school w/Marion (218B) focused help with formal English reading + writing + presenting high school
Argentina Trip Fridays w/Hirsch (112) preparing for the 2015 trip to Argentina high school
Art Club/Studio Fridays @ lunch w/Marion (118A) art all
Australian Tour Tuesdays @ lunch w/Brown & Harrold (135) preparing for the 2015 trip to Australia high school
Book Club Tuesdays @ lunch w/Chavez (217A) to read and discuss books all
Cafe Español Wednesdays @ lunch w/Hirsch (112) speaking Spanish outside of class all
China Club alternate Fridays @ lunch w/Ge (120) Chinese culture and language all (attendance requirement)
DCIS Interact Tuesdays @ Lunch w/Dickens (217B) service (Rotary International) all
Debate after school w/Hirsch & Whitington: Tuesdays (122) & Thursdays (216A) competitive debate all (attendance requirement)
Dissection Club meeting TBA w/Mahon (223) animal dissection middle school
Drama Club Wednesdays @ lunch w/Younts (auditorium) attend & audition for shows all
Endangered Species Club Wednesdays @ lunch w/Mahon (223) endangered species middle school
Environmental Club Thursdays @ lunch w/Saller (222) environmental stewardship all
Future Business Leaders of America times vary w/ Skrzypek (205) business high school
Film Club Tuesdays @ lunch w/Younts (auditorium) filmmaking all
Gay-Straight Alliance Wednesdays @ lunch w/TBA LBGTQ issues all
Irish Culture Club meeting TBAs w/Younts (auditorium) Irish culture all
Jewish Student Connection Green Wednesdays @ lunch /Lebovic (202B) Jewish culture high school; middle school w/ permission
Latino Student Alliance meetings TBA w/Muñoz (123) Latino culture all
Key Club Wednesdays @ lunch w/Brown (215) service (Kiwanis) high school (attendance requirement)
Model United Nations Fridays @ lunch & Thursdays after school w/Rivera and Adams (209) world affairs all (attendance requirement)
Mongolian Club meetings TBA w/Finnegan-Doyon (217A) Mongolian culture & trip preparation all
National Honor Society Thursdays @ lunch w/Pomponio & Brown (MUN Room) Academic/Service 10th-12th grade (application required)
National Junior Honor Society Tuesdays @ lunch w/TBA academic/service 8th-9th grade (application required)
Newspaper Mondays @ lunch w/Efting (127) creation of school newspaper all (signed agreement required)
Ping Pong Club Wednesdays @ lunch w/Mahon (223) promulgation of the ethos and practice of ping pong all
Red-Cross Club Fridays @ lunch w/Hatch (218A) supporting the Red Cross all
Shakespeare Club meetings TBA w/Younts & Lebovic preparation for performing at the Denver Shakespeare Festival all
Speak Freedom Mondays @ lunch w/Munoz (123) promoting equity through speech all
Spelling Club Thursdays @ lunch w/Chavez (217A) spelling middle school
Student Council Mondays @ lunch w/Rodriquez (109) internal school affairs high school (application required)
Ultimate Frisbee Thursdays after school w/Doyle (field) frisbee high school
UNICEF Thursdays @ lunch w/TBA service for children all
Video Game as an Art Thursdays @ lunch w/Norbie (library) video games all
Yearbook Club Fridays @ lunch w/Finnegan-Doyon creation of school yearbook all