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Leadership Domains

Among other pursuits, students create a portfolio of their best work — guided by the Asia Society International Studies Schools Network four Graduation Portfolio System domains of global leadership — to earn a DCIS diploma. The four domains are below:

1. Investigate the World — Generate Global Knowledge.

Students initiate investigations of the world by framing questions, analyzing and synthesizing relevant evidence, and drawing reasonable conclusions about globally focused issues.

2. Recognize Perspectives — Apply Cross-Cultural Understanding.

Students recognize, articulate and apply an understanding of different perspectives (including their own).

3. Take Action — Enact Global Solutions.

Students translate their ideas, concerns and findings into appropriate and responsible individual or collaborative actions to improve conditions.

4. Communicate Ideas — Connect and Collaborate Across Boundaries.

Students select and apply appropriate tools and strategies to communicate and collaborate effectively, meeting the needs and expectations of diverse individuals and groups.

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