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Health and Wellness


In addition to academic and college advising and career/vocational counseling, our school counselors provide students with social and emotional support, which you can read about here.

School-Based Health Centers

Denver Health has a large network of School-Based Health Centers on various Denver Public School (DPS) campuses that serve any DPS student as well as children enrolled in DPS-affiliated Early Childhood Education programs at no charge to families. They offer medical, mental health, dental, health education and family planning, as well as insurance enrollment and advising services.

Their services are available at all locations throughout the school year and at a limited number of locations during the summer. School-Based Health Centers offer convenient services that limit the amount of time students spend out of class and the amount of time parents/guardians have to take off work to attend appointments. In most cases, students can obtain same-day or next-day appointments.

Click or tap here for a complete list of services and here for locations (the closest to DCIS is the West Campus, 951 Elati Street).


Amparo Larue, the school nurse, is available at DCIS on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Students who need to see the nurse should first obtain a pass from their teacher and then proceed to the nurse’s office. When the nurse is not available, they should report to the main office. 

The nurse needs to know about students with special needs or problems, especially students who:

  • have a chronic illness, such as asthma or diabetes
  • have been injured or hospitalized
  • have excessive absences
  • may be pregnant
  • have a serious illness
  • are taking medication, especially those using inhalers


Students may be allowed to take medication at school provided certain requirements are met:

  • The medication must be in the original container, properly labeled with the student’s name, doctor’s name, medication and instructions for administration.
  • Both a parent/guardian and a physician must sign a school medication form, which the parent can obtain from and should return to the school nurse.
  • The student must sign in with the nurse daily (or a designee in her absence) when taking the medication.
  • Parents/guardians are to keep the nurse informed of any changes in the medication dosage or schedule.  


Students who have incomplete immunization records may not attend school unless they complete an exemption form. The available exemptions and related forms can be found here. Students with an exemption from one or more required vaccines may be kept out of school during a disease outbreak.

If you receive a notice requiring immunization, you must bring evidence of having received the immunization to the school nurse.

Social Worker

As a member of the DCIS mental health team, the school social worker, Brian Powell, provides individual mental health counseling to students at all grade levels. He also helps lead the school’s suicide prevention efforts, manage student crisis events and conduct schoolwide suicide prevention interventions, including the Signs of Suicide program. 

The social worker is also part of the DCIS special education team, doing all social-emotional assessments and providing social-emotional services for students with individual education plans.

Finally, he is part of the attendance team and serves as the DCIS truancy officer.