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The DCIS Technology Department has three designated Chromebook carts for the Counseling Center and the Connections and Passages classes; three designated Chromebook carts for the Science Department; and 11 carts that teachers can reserve for classroom/student use as needed. The department’s ultimate goal is to provide one device per student for all-day use, both in school and at home. 

Students have access to school copiers and a printing station in the school library, as well as a Dell Laptop Mobile Lab for testing and presentations. 

All school-purchased devices are connected to the secure SCHOOLS WiFi network and teacher/staff school devices connect to the secure DPSUSER network while all other devices, including personal technology, can connect to the DPSGUEST network.

Additional technology available for classroom use includes Promethean (smart) boards, LCD projectors, document cameras, TI-84 calculators, digital voice recorders and digital cameras. 

All school-supplied devices are educational tools and are not meant for gaming, social networking or high-end computing. Students are responsible for the general care of the devices, and they must immediately report to their classroom teacher any devices that are broken or fail to work properly. Students must also adhere to the following rules:

  • No food or drink allowed next to technology devices.
  • All technology must remain free of writing, drawing stickers or labels.
  • Students may not change the computer’s settings or wipe out the operating system.
  • Students may not access other students’ accounts, files or email.
  • Students may not share passwords.
  • Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy hardware (removing keyboard keys, scratching the device screen, etc.), software or data, including changing or using hardware to run other operating systems such as Linux, is not allowed.

Students who use technology inappropriately, fail to complete their schoolwork or disrupt others will receive community service. Repeated behavioral problems with Chromebooks will result in a referral to the administration for disciplinary action.