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Dropping Off / Picking Up

The morning drop-off at DCIS can be a hectic time for students, parents and our staff. To make this time safer and more efficient, we are asking that those who drive students to school adhere to the following morning drop-off procedures.

  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to be dropped off in either of the DCIS parking lots or on 6th Avenue.
  • Only use Delaware Street traveling southbound when dropping off your students. Dropping off students while traveling northbound creates a significant safety concern for students. DO NOT drop off your students when traveling northbound on Delaware Street.
  • Pull forward as far south as you can on southbound Delaware Street near the tennis courts, to ease congestion at the intersection of 6th Avenue and Delaware Street.
  • You can drop off students on 5th Avenue, behind the school buses.
  • You may drop students off on Fox Street while traveling northbound, just past the driveway entrance and behind or in front of the Special Education bus and recycling bins. Even though students have to walk around to the east side of the building to enter, Fox typically is far less congested than Delaware.
  • DO NOT drop off students while traveling southbound on Fox Street, as this creates massive congestion with northbound buses and cars that are dropping off students and is simply not safe for students.

Students may enter the building through the east doors (Delaware Avenue) beginning at 7:20 a.m. If they arrive early to school, students can be in the hallway near their first period of the day or in a classroom with the teacher. Students are to remain on campus once dropped off by parents and upon entering the building. Support staff will be in the cafeteria and around the building monitoring students.

When the bell rings to signal the end of the school day, students should immediately transition out of the building or to a supervised activity. We’ll make an announcement each day around 3:15 p.m. to remind students they should be in a supervised activity or outside the school building.

Please contact the DCIS Main Office at 720-423-9000 if you need any clarification, or if you have any questions or concerns.