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DCIS students have a unique opportunity to earn two diplomas upon graduation. In addition to completing the prescribed four-year course curriculum to meet the Denver Public Schools (DPS) diploma requirements, DCIS students go above and beyond those requirements to also earn the DCIS Diploma of International Studies.

Beginning with the class of 2021, DPS modified its graduation requirements to make them less about grades earned for time spent in a classroom, and more about students being able to demonstrate that they are truly prepared for the world after high school, whether that’s college or the workforce. The new course requirements specify the same number and distribution of units as before for each academic subject area, but they mostly don’t specify particular courses students must take in each subject area.

The biggest differences are the introduction in the new guidelines of the ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plans) and competency requirements. Because DCIS already does individual and career planning with students and currently provides most of the suggested pathways for demonstrating competency, the new requirements will actually have very little impact on DCIS students. And our students will continue to be able to earn their DCIS Diploma by completing all the requirements outlined in the DCIS Diploma section.

Students who meet all the requisites will receive their diplomas during a formal graduation ceremony held at the University of Denver. It is a special time when we celebrate all our graduates and recognize outstanding accomplishments, both during the actual ceremony and in various events leading up to it.