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High School Portfolio

A key component of a DCIS education is the requirement that students develop a portfolio of their best work each year that reflects the four Graduation Portfolio System (GPS) domains of global leadership that drive our curriculum (Investigate the World, Recognize Perspectives, Communicate Ideas, Take Action).

For each work in their portfolio, students include an artifact (i.e., representative documentation) of the piece, such as photographs, a link to a YouTube video for a performance-based project, a screen capture of a web page with a link to the student-created website, a promotional flyer for a student-conceived and -run festival, etc.

Although portfolios in the past were largely paper-based, DCIS has increasingly moved toward more online portfolios. Beginning with the class of 2021, all high school students are required to create a website to showcase their best work.

Students work with their Advisement teacher to keep the portfolio up to date through the end of their senior year, when they formally present their portfolio to a panel for review. The presentation typically results in a recommendation that the student receive the Diploma of International Studies, which becomes part of the portfolio.