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Continuation Requirements

All middle school students complete the district’s core middle school requirements. In addition, DCIS students take the Introduction to World Languages course in 6th grade, then choose a language to study for 7th and 8th grades (and through high school if they stay). They also take one additional social studies course each year that is globally focused (Intro to Cultures in 6th grade, Anthropology in 7th grade and Global Service Learning in 8th grade).

Continuation also requires a certain number of school and community service hours and attendance at special events, which can include school or other plays and performances, conferences, debates, Model United Nations competitions, lectures, fairs and festivals, and museum exhibits or shows, among many other possibilities — as long as the event has a cultural or an international component or involves the student learning something new. The following chart summarizes these and other requirements.

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End-of-Year Ceremony

The DCIS Continuation ceremony is a celebration intended for 8th grade students as they complete their middle school experience and matriculate to high school. Although every 8th grade student at DCIS has the opportunity to participate in the ceremony, participation is a privilege, meaning that students must meet the following requirements in order to participate:

  • Maintain a satisfactory attendance record
  • Maintain a satisfactory behavior record
  • Pass 7/8 of their classes second semester (students may not have more than one failing grade in an academic class as of the date of continuation)
  • Complete their DCIS middle school portfolio
  • Document, with their advisement teacher, at least:
    • 2.5 hours of community service
    • 5 hours of school service
    • 1 special event attended

Students may also be recognized with Honors or Distinct Honors during the ceremony if they’ve met the requirements noted in the chart above.

Students may also be recognized for the following special awards during the ceremony:

  • Perfect attendance
  • Best example of each of the five DCIS Core Values
    • Collaborative Culture
    • Diversity
    • High Expectations 
    • Integrity 
    • Reflection