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Middle School English Language Acquisition (ELA)

Student Services

Students identified as English language learners will be enrolled in an English Language Development (ELD) class, in which they will receive extra help with reading, writing, listening and speaking English. ELD replaces a world language class or an elective. Click or tap here to view frequently asked questions and answers about ELA services. If you have additional questions about the ELA program at DCIS, please contact Assistant Principal Jen Warren.

Parent Opportunities

DCIS has an ELA Parent Advisory Committee (ELA PAC) to facilitate effective communication between families of ELA students and the school. The ELA PAC is open to all parents of students in an ELA program. If you would like to be involved with our school’s ELA PAC, contact DCIS Instructional Dean Jenna Martin or the DPS Office of Family and Community Engagement.

At the district level, families of ELA students can participate in the ELA Districtwide Advisory Committee (ELA DAC). The ELA DAC meets monthly during the school year to inform families and generate discussion about issues that affect English language learners in Denver Public Schools. Click or tap here to learn more.