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Resumption of Studies on April 7 and More

Posted 03/25/2020

Greetings DCIS Community –

Today, I had the pleasure to connect with all of our fabulous DCIS teachers, and just seeing their smiling faces on the screen was really uplifting. We discussed what online/remote learning is going to look like starting on Tuesday, April 7. The teachers are currently working in grade-level teams and in departments to try and figure out how to best implement remote learning and ensure that students are learning at home. Understanding that this will look very different from our in-person schedule, teachers are discussing how frequently they should be checking in, what is a reasonable amount of work, how to continue where they left off, how to balance their own family situations, etc. What a challenge!

My main message to teachers was to breathe. We have great people on the team, and they absolutely have permission to be creative and resourceful while they figure it out. No one is supposed to be awesome at this. That goes for students as well. Some folks have more experience with online learning. Some folks are new to this. The most important thing to me is that our staff is reaching out to our students to check in and connect. The learning will happen slowly as everyone begins these new routines.

What is important for families to know is that teachers are working hard to plan out something that is meaningful and not just busy work. Work will be coming! Please encourage your child(ren) to reach out to their adviser and other teachers to just check in. Please be patient and know just how much our teachers want to connect with your students.

To our students . . . what a story you will have to tell! Governor Jared Polis is not sure whether we will be back in the school this academic year. Nobody knows! But it is important that we finish strong and you cross the finish line! Seniors – we’ll figure it out and make sure that you get a prom and a commencement ceremony. It may not be until July, August, or even December, but we’ll make something happen. Juniors – we’ll figure out SATs. Keep studying in the meantime. Everyone – stay positive, stay productive and stay home! Do your best to enjoy each other’s company. You won’t always be living at home!

Finally, Miguel distributed around 125 Chromebooks today, and we look forward to seeing more people who need one stop by the school on Thursday or Friday, March 26-27, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the main parking lot.

Sending love, gratitude and best wishes to you all.

Cheers – Dr. Gamba