Courtney Wickham

Assistant Principal



School Leadership

Courtney Wickham has been in education for over 20 years and brings a broad range of experience to the role of assistant principal at DCIS. After receiving her Language Arts teaching degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ms. Wickham served in the United States Peace Corps in western Ukraine. This was an amazing experience for her and nudged her to see more of the world—63 countries to be exact. After she completed her service, she took a job as a middle school English teacher in Istanbul, Turkey. She spent four tremendous years there and tried her hand at leading a drama troupe, making dolmas, and buying many many carpets. After Turkey, she returned to the United States and completed her masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in English Language Acquisition. For several years she has proudly served in DPS at both the middle and high school levels.

In her spare time Ms. Wickham enjoys hiking, baking, and spoken word and comedy shows. She often visits Kansas City where her five nephews and nieces reside. During the summer months, however, she is eagerly collecting more passport stamps and looks forward to better times in our world when she can make plans for her next open-air market or overnight bus (preferably both in India). She is humbled and proud to return to DCIS-Baker that holds the smartest and most innovative educators she’s ever had the privilege to work alongside. She looks forward to supporting student voice, doing deep work at the middle school level, and collaboratively enhancing the design and mission that defines DCIS.