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Exchanges and Hosting

Hosting students from another country is “a way to connect with the world from our front door and see our country through another’s eyes.” So says DCIS parent Donna Bryson, whose family has hosted many foreign students, usually for a few weeks at a time (read the full article here).

Derek Chandler, who is a coordinator for Education First (EF) High School Exchange Year, says that being a host family is as rewarding for you as it is for the international student you bring into your home. You learn about another culture, you provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a teenager from across the globe, and you form a relationship that will stay with you and your family forever.

Hosts can opt for short-term or longer-term stays, from a few weeks up to a year. Hosting requirements vary but at a minimum typically involve providing the student with room and board and treating the student as a member of the family rather than as a guest. Host families are not paid, but in appreciation of their role as citizen ambassadors, they are eligible to take a charitable deduction on their income tax return. 


Organization Hosting (H)/
Exchanges (E)

Length of Stay

AFS-USA H, E 6–12 weeks
5 mos.10 mos.
Claudia Thomas


EF High School Exchange Year H 1 semester

1 school year

Derek Chandler


Adolesco H, E Varies Marie Meyer


CIEE H 1 semester

1 year

Amanda Meyer














Contact Travel Center Director Sally Bishop if you are interested in learning more about hosting. Please complete the Host Family Application so we have your information on file.