Support our DCIS Chair Fundraiser!

Posted February 18, 2022

✨ Spread the word and support our DCIS Chair Fundraiser! ✨

Our ‘Chair Campaign’ is an opportunity for students, staff, alumni, and supporters to literally have their own seat in our beloved auditorium.

How to Support:
➡️ Donate Online: Make a contribution via the DCIS PTSA PayPal: Please specify “Auditorium Seats” in the notes to seller section
➡️ Mail Direct Checks: Make a direct check contribution made out to ‘DCIS PTSA’ subject Auditorium Chairs, mailed to 574 W 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80203.

Help us meet our goal by March 2022!
Your gift will make an impact for generations of DCIS students, families, and community members to come.

Read more about the campaign below.

Greetings DCIS Drama Club friends, families, alumni, & supporters, 

It is our sincerest hope that this letter finds everyone healthy and well, from far and wide across the many years and generations that have touched the DCIS Drama Club. The DCIS Drama Club was founded in 2011 by a dedicated and passionate group of students at the Denver Center for International Studies. Over the past 10 years, there have been hundreds of students on our stage, performing stories from their heart for audience members from our community. 

The DCIS Baker auditorium is a special place to many, not just our Drama Club. The auditorium is a space utilized by our entire school community, for celebrations, guest speakers, prospective student orientations, as well as our all-school meetings. As many audience members can attest to, the auditorium seats are the originals, which are almost 60 years old. Our seats have been well loved over the years. Sadly, they are now uncomfortable, loud and squeaky, some are broken, some are defaced, and all are in poor condition. 

The school has received a bid, as a part of a larger construction project, to replace the auditorium seats for a cost of $90,000. We are hoping to raise around $45,000 to fund half of this project. We are excited to share a way that you can leave your legacy here at DCIS while also helping us achieve our goal.

Our ‘Chair Campaign’ is an opportunity for current students, staff, alumni and supporters to literally have their own seat in our beloved auditorium. For $250 you can purchase one new seat for our auditorium accompanied with a customized plaque to celebrate your student. If you have multiple students who were involved in our program, you can purchase 2 seats for $450, 3 seats for $650, and 4 seats for $800. Other amounts of donations can also be made. Once you make your donation, I will contact you for your personalized message for your chair(s).

We are partnering with our PTSA to collect and distribute any funds we raise. To make a donation please visit their PayPal account at  and specify that your funds should be used for “Auditorium Seats” in the notes to seller section. You can also mail direct checks made out to 

‘DCIS PTSA’ subject Auditorium Chairs, mailed to 574 W 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80203. 

We would like to reach our goal by March 2022, in order to meet our contractor bid deadlines and get the new seats installed by August 2022 and invite everyone for an unveiling and dedication event in the fall of 2022. 

Thank you for considering donating a seat or two to our auditorium! We can’t wait to have everyone back in person and leaving their mark and legacy in such a special place to many. 

With the most sincerest gratitude, 
Caroline Kerswill & the DCIS Drama Club