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A Moment of Brightness from Jocelyne Arguelles

DCIS class of 2019 – DREAMer attending Yale

My seven years at DCIS gave me the opportunity to build a tight-knit community, that to this day, encourages me to think critically about everything in our world. DCIS’s core values and global domains are more than words on flags, they are practiced genuinely and thoroughly. Throughout my DCIS career, I witnessed the ways in which the presence of the global domains in every class, including core classes, nurtured a global, social justice-oriented culture. Today, I am a sophomore in college and can credit my current and prospective endeavors to the classes I took in both middle and high school, particularly social studies classes. I am certain that the incredible amount of support DCIS extends to every student that enters the building, and the emphasis on and commitment to community, diversity, and social studies have equipped me to step into a challenging world, full of complex questions and even more complex answers with humility and confidence.

Link to 9 News story about Jocelyne