hallwayThere are now three easy ways to support DCIS.

First, you can visit DCIS’s page on Donors Choose, which features teachers’ individual requests.

Second, you can support DCIS’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), which has provided teachers and staff with over $15,000 in grants each of the last four years. You can donate to them directly by clicking on this link. (Previously, the PTSA has raised funds for these grants through traditional means, such as a silent auction in the spring, but this year this direct-donation campaign will be their main fundraising effort.)

Finally, if you are able to help with any of our larger needs, please contact us directly. Some of these larger items include:

  • LCD projector ($1,000)
  • 15-passenger van ($25,000)
  • Language teacher salary ($64,000)
  • Microscope with computer compatibility ($300)
  • Funding for College Summit college prep program ($175 per senior)
  • Funds for student travel scholarships (any amount)

All donations are tax-deductible.