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Middle School

The middle school years bring increased academic demands. The transition can be challenging for some 6th graders, as they get used to the increased workload, moving from classroom to classroom, and getting and staying organized. Seventh graders are learning how to become more independent thinkers and learning how to problem-solve. In 8th grade, students are thinking more independently and becoming better problem solvers as they prepare for yet another transition to high school.

Being in a small 6–12 school like DCIS can make some of these transitions easier. Because a number of our teachers have taught in both middle school and high school, they are in an excellent position to prepare students for what’s to come. Older students can help mentor younger ones, and our small size keeps students from falling through the cracks. The expectations are definitely higher than in elementary school, but by fostering collaboration among students, parents, teachers and administrators, we aim to set up every student for success in the classroom and beyond.