9News: DCIS Creates Video Games!

Posted May 14, 2024

We are so proud of our student video game creators, our incredible educator Olivia Conner, and Director of Education for Pop Culture, Matt Slayter, for partnering with DCIS to promote social engagement with modern art.

DCIS segment starts at 16:20!

We are so proud of these students and what they were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time!

“Huge shoutouts to Olivia and Trista who have done an outstanding job in leading our students in the STEAM classroom. I get to witness the students’ growth through my office glass door. Our kids, but especially those with disabilities and MLLs and students of color and Indigenous cultures, are truly breaking barriers. All thanks to these teachers, Olivia and Trista, who go above and beyond to make our students feel seen and heard everyday. Grateful for your talents!”

Lori Donovan, DCIS Speech-Language Pathologist