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More than 60% of the students in our community qualify for free or reduced lunch and many families are unable to afford experiences that would help to broaden their children’s global perspective.

Our goal is to give our students to as many globally-focused opportunities as possible beyond the walls of their classrooms. Those opportunities include exposure to leaders and professionals working in the international sphere, travel and study abroad experiences, advanced language study beyond the levels offered at our school, internships in globally-focused workplaces, etc.

Creating Global Citizens One Student at a Time

We are a Denver Public Schools magnet middle and high school in the Baker neighborhood of Denver, and in 2018 we won the Colorado Succeeds prize as Colorado’s top Transformational High School. All our students have the opportunity to become proficient in one of six languages and develop global perspectives through experiencing different cultures while abroad. We are proud to graduate global citizens that are multilingual, enabling them to become interculturally competent through our unique curriculum. We are proud of our students’ community-building skills and their drive to serve others and act for positive change in the world.

We Are Proud of our Language Learners

DCIS Baker offers French, Italian, Japanese, Lakota, Mandarin, and Spanish. We are not a language-immersion school, but we expect proficiency, so our students complete five consecutive years’ study of a language if they join us in middle school or four consecutive years if they join us in high school.


As a 501(c)3 organization (EIN: 68- 0664898) we can accept your tax-deductible donations as the “PTSA at DCIS Baker” at 574 W. Sixth Ave. Denver CO 80204. We also gratefully accept the donations of goods and services (in-kind donations), internships for our students, and Event Sponsorships. See our Donation Form at https://goo.gl/forms/WUTvGbpDZOQi8fhv2 or please get in touch today!

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Please contact us at dcis.community@gmail.com

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