Cathy Farrell

English Teacher



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Catherine (Cathy) Farrell has worked in Denver Public Schools for the last eight years. She loves teaching and has been a teacher for twenty-fours years. Cathy earned her B.A. and teaching credential from California State University of Fullerton and her Master’s Degree in literacy from City College in Seattle, Washington.

She has many hobbies including baking (and eating her baked goods!), camping, writing stories for her nieces, nephews and grandchildren, as well as traveling. Some of the places she has traveled to are Mexico, Canada, Italy, England, Germany, France, and all over the United States. She has been to 39 states, so far. Her all time favorite place to visit is Santa Fe, New Mexico. She enjoys immersing herself in its culture and tries to visit Santa Fe at least 2 – 3 times a year. Spain is on her bucket list and she plans to visit it next summer.