Hello Families of DCIS,


Please read the attached letter with news from Ms. McCorquodale.  If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact the main office at 720-423-9000


Hola Familias de DCIS,


Les pedimos que lean la carta adjunta, con noticias de Ms. McCorquodale.  Si tienen alguna pregunta adicional, favor de comunicarce con la oficina principal al 720-423-9000

9th Grade Academy

Attention Incoming Freshman-


9th Grade Academy begins August 5th , and goes until August 8th.

Each day begins at 8:00AM, and ends at 12:00PM (Noon).


If you are interested, please click the link below to sign up.



Required:    High School Name

Student’s Full Name and ID Number

Student’s Address & Phone Number

CHANGE: Reception for 8th graders not yet assigned to a high school

On April 11, 2019, we sent out invitations to a reception to learn more about the option to come to the Denver Center for International Studies for 9th grade. We have changed the plan and instead of one event on April 24, we would like to invite you and your family to visit the school at a time that is best for you.

Please call our main office at 720-423-9000 to set up a visit and learn more about our school.


El 11 de abril del 2019, le enviamos una invitación a una recepción para obtener más información sobre la opción de asistir a DCIS para el 9º grado. Hemos cambiado el plan y, en lugar de un evento el 24 de abril, nos gustaría invitarlo a usted y a su familia a visitar la escuela en el momento que más le convenga. Llame a nuestra oficina principal al 720-423-9000 para crear una cita para visitor nuestra escuela.

Thursday April 14

Dear DCIS Families,


We are so grateful to be getting ready to return to school tomorrow, Thursday, so we can come back together as a school community. The threat to Denver Area schools is no longer present, but we know that there can be a lasting impact for all of us. We are proud that our school already has a strong safety plan and we will reinforce and follow our procedures to ensure everyone is safe on campus at all times. This includes doors remaining locked, visitors entering only through the East doors and signing in, and supervising entrances and exits during lunch.


We will start the day tomorrow in Advisement so students and teachers can have the chance to reconnect, to share questions and reactions to today’s events, and to ensure everyone knows about resources and strategies that are available to support our individual and shared well-being. The health and wellness of our students and community is the highest priority as it is the foundation for the hard work we do with academics every day.


One strategy to support our community is to resume school activities as they were originally scheduled. For that reason, we will pick up after school activities and athletics again on Thursday afternoon and we will continue with our work to show off through middle school testing. This means that 8th graders will take two tests (but shorter than on Tuesday) after the Advisement period Thursday morning and will finish with the last two short tests on Friday after All School Meeting. This is a critical activity for our 8th grade students and our school and we’re excited to resume.


We will be shifting Monday, April 22 to be a GREEN DAY to recover the balance of block days. All other scheduled activities and events will proceed as usual, but we hope you’ll call the office if you want to confirm or ask questions about any of this.


Looking forward to a strong DCIS end-of-week,

Jenn Zinn and the DCIS Leadership Team

High School Choice of Study Update

For 2019-2020 High Schoolers and families! (April 11, 2019)

Next week you will have the chance to tell the counselors your preferences for your “Course of Study” for next year. Please follow this link to see the available courses (on each page you’ll see the required courses on the left and the elective courses you’ll be able to select on the right).

We can’t promise that everyone will get your preferences for classes, but we will do our best. We will bring students in to fill out their preferences online and then give students their draft schedules before the end of this school year.

Please discuss these options together and be ready to select your preferences next week. Students can talk with counselors about any questions you have, too.