Staff Directory: The Hope Hustlers

This is who we are:  We are a powerful, collaborative team with a wide range of talents and passion for our students learning.  They are the hope we have for a better world, and we take that seriously.  We place ourselves as their hope for the learning they need to become our future leaders, so our “hustle” refers to the urgency, collaboration, and commitment of our work in serving them.

Photo Name Title Department Email Phone
Jesse Kalavritinos Math Teacher Math, Teachers
Kevin Adams Assistant Principal; Native American and Indigenous Programming; Travel Center Coordinator Social Studies, Teachers 1-720-423-9023
Jay Archer MI-S Paraprofessional Special Education
Sophia Bagola Lakota Teacher and Social Studies World Languages, Teachers, Social Studies
Isabel Barajas de Benavidez Social Studies Teacher Social Studies 720-423-9038
Sahyra Bautista MI-S Paraprofessional Special Education
Michael Carlson Math Teacher Math 720-423-9014
Martha headshot Martha Cedillo-Maldonado Instructional Paraprofessional Socioemotional Support Staff
Marcela Quesada Colonia Italian/Spanish Teacher World Languages, Teachers 1-720-423-9068
Olivia Conner-Oseguera Science Teacher Science, Teachers 720-423-9048
Dean (Dino) Cordova Custodian Support Staff
Anthony crank Anthony Crank Dine Navajo Language and Music Teacher Electives, Teachers
Maureen Davenport Assistant Principal Whole Child Support Teams Special Education, Teachers 720-423-9011
Julie DeGuire Counselor Socioemotional Support Staff, Support Staff 720-423-9094
Elizabeth Devlin Safety and Security Support Staff 1-720-423-9080
Lori Donovan Speech Therapist Support Staff 1-720-423-9008
Cathy Farrell English Teacher English, Teachers 720-423-9009
Stephen Friend Support Staff 720-423-9090
Helen Funk Special Education Teacher Special Education, Teachers 720-423-9076
Trista Fussner Science Teacher Science, Teachers 720-423-9033
Mason Good-Turney Library Support Staff 720-423-9107
Kendall Graham Literacy and Humanities Teacher Teachers, Social Studies, English
Farhiya Haji Instructional Paraprofessional – MIS Support Staff 720-423-9076
Tami Handley Counselor Socioemotional Support Staff, Support Staff 1-720-423-9109
David Hodel Science Teacher Science 720-423-9049
Dee Horsburgh Multilingual Learner/Gifted Talented Teacher Teachers 1-720-423-9027 (voicemail only); 1-720-253-3730 (cell)
Camay Hunter Math Teacher Math, Teachers 720-423-9021
Caroline Kerswill Counselor Electives, Teachers 720-423-9042
Jennifer Killmer English Teacher English, Teachers 720-423-9022
Elise Koehl Communications Specialist Support Staff 303-941-0736
Ethan Langsdorf Social Worker Socioemotional Support Staff 720-423-9088
Endia Linnie Office Support III Support Staff
Peggy Liu Chinese Teacher World Languages, Teachers 1-720-423-9061
Sara Malnati French Teacher World Languages, Teachers 1-720-423-9012
Zahid Marquez Paraprofessional – MIS Support Staff 720-423-9076
Sadie May Special Education Teacher (middle school) Special Education, Teachers 720-423-9055
Nathaniel Miller MI-S Paraprofessional Special Education
Norma Morales Kitchen Manager Support Staff 720-423-9074
Kyle Murray Assistant Principal School Leadership 720-423-9047
derrick Derrick Nevarrez Math Teacher Math, Teachers 720-423-9015
Angelique Ocon Student Support Coordinator Socioemotional Support Staff, Support Staff 720-423-9013
Ricardo Ocon MI-S Paraprofessional Special Education, Socioemotional Support Staff
Brittany Ortega Facility Supervisor Support Staff 720-423-9065
Maureen Padilla Counselor Socioemotional Support Staff, Support Staff 720-423-9105
Isaac Parsons Technology Support Staff 720-423-9046
Carter Quinn Nurse Support Staff 720-423-9104
Adam Reiter Math Teacher Math, Teachers 720-423-9083
Abigail Rodriguez Secretary Support Staff 1-720-423-9103
Diego Rodriguez Spanish Teacher World Languages, Teachers 1-720-423-9072
Jaime Rodriguez Social Studies Teacher Social Studies, Teachers 720-423-9053
Connor Saller Science Teacher Science, Teachers 720-423-9041
Virgilio San Andres Special Education Teacher (high school) Special Education, Teachers 1-720-423-9084
Jilaine Sandlin English Teacher English, Teachers 1-720-423-9039
Shelley Stolitza English Teacher English, Teachers 1-720-423-9095
Erina Sudo Japanese Teacher World Languages, Teachers
William Troy Tallmadge Dean of Culture School Leadership 1-720-423-9059
ruby headshot Ruby Tedeschi PE/Comprehensive Health Teacher Teachers
Anderson travis Anderson Travis Visual Art Teacher Teachers, Electives
Charlie Tunnell Drama Teacher Electives, Teachers 720-423-9076
Marisa Vasquez Principal School Leadership 720-423-9077
Yeimi Velasquez Spanish Teacher World Languages, Teachers 720-423-9020
Melissa Verlet English/Social Studies Teacher English, Social Studies, Teachers 720-423-9078
Amanda Westlake MI-S Paraprofessional Special Education
Sam Wilson-Moses English Teacher English, Teachers 1-720-423-9097 (office); 1-541-335-9972 (cell)
Ashley Zenner School Psychologist Support Staff