Name Title Department Email Phone
Jesse Kalavritinos Math Teacher Math, Teachers jesse_kalavritinos@dpsk12.net
Kevin Adams Assistant Principal; Native American and Indigenous Programming; Travel Center Coordinator Social Studies, Teachers kevin_adams@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9023
Marcela Quesada Colonia Italian/Spanish Teacher World Languages, Teachers marcela_quesadacolonia@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9068
Olivia Conner-Oseguera Science Teacher Science, Teachers OLIVIA_CONNER@dpsk12.org 720-423-9048
Anthony Crank Dine Navajo Language and Music Teacher Electives, Teachers anthony_crank@dpsk12.net
Maureen Davenport Assistant Principal Whole Child Support Teams Special Education, Teachers Maureen_Davenport@DPSK12.org 720-423-9011
Yoshiko Dolbear Japanese Teacher World Languages, Teachers YOSHIKO_DOLBEAR@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9004
Cathy Farrell English Teacher English, Teachers Catherine_Farrell@DPSK12.org 720-423-9009
Helen Funk Special Education Teacher Special Education, Teachers Helen_Funk@dpsk12.net 720-423-9076
Trista Fussner Science Teacher Science, Teachers Trista_Fussner@dpsk12.net 720-423-9033
Kendall Graham Literacy and Humanities Teacher Teachers, Social Studies, English kendall_graham@dpsk12.net
Gwen Holmes Lakota Teacher World Languages, Teachers gwen_holmes@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9071
Dee Horsburgh Multilingual Learner/Gifted Talented Teacher Teachers diane_horsburgh@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9027 (voicemail only); 1-720-253-3730 (cell)
Camay Hunter Math Teacher Math, Teachers camay_hunter@dpsk12.org 720-423-9021
Caroline Kerswill Counselor Electives, Teachers caroline_kerswill@dpsk12.org 720-423-9042
Jennifer Killmer English Teacher English, Teachers JENNIFER_KILLMER@dpsk12.org 720-423-9022
Peggy Liu Chinese Teacher World Languages, Teachers peggy_liu@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9061
Sara Malnati French Teacher World Languages, Teachers sara_malnati@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9012
Sadie May Special Education Teacher (middle school) Special Education, Teachers SADIE_MAY@dpsk12.org 720-423-9055
Derrick Nevarrez Math Teacher Math, Teachers Derrick_Nevarrez@dpsk12.net 720-423-9015
Adam Reiter Math Teacher Math, Teachers Adam_Reiter@DSPK12.org 720-423-9083
Diego Rodriguez Spanish Teacher World Languages, Teachers diego_rodriguez2@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9072
Jaime Rodriguez Social Studies Teacher Social Studies, Teachers Jaime_Rodriguez@dpsk12.net 720-423-9053
Connor Saller Science Teacher Science, Teachers connor_saller@dpsk12.org 720-423-9041
Virgilio San Andres Special Education Teacher (high school) Special Education, Teachers virgilio_sanandres@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9084
Jilaine Sandlin English Teacher English, Teachers jilaine_sandlin@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9039
Shelley Stolitza English Teacher English, Teachers shelley_stolitza@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9095
Ruby Tedeschi PE/Comprehensive Health Teacher Teachers ruby_tedeschi@dpsk12.net
Anderson Travis Visual Art Teacher Teachers, Electives anderson_travis@dpsk12.net
Charlie Tunnell Drama Teacher Electives, Teachers Charlie_Tunnell@dpsk12.net 720-423-9076
Yeimi Velasquez Spanish Teacher World Languages, Teachers yeimi_velasquezdiaz@dpsk12.org 720-423-9020
Melissa Verlet English/Social Studies Teacher English, Social Studies, Teachers Melissa_Verlet@dpsk12.net 720-423-9078
Sam Wilson-Moses English Teacher English, Teachers samuel_wilson-moses@dpsk12.org 1-720-423-9097 (office); 1-541-335-9972 (cell)