Support Injured DCIS Student

Posted January 31, 2024

Alizon Morales is organizing this fundraiser, a parent of one of our very own DCIS students who is tragically injured after a car accident.

“My 13year old daughter was struck, by a very irresponsible adult when she was crossing the pedestrian light; which she had the right of way and the driver made an illegal right turn on a red light . My daughter has internal injuries that have required her to be wheelchair bond. Hoping to get her mobility back within months. My financial situation is extremely delicate, Have a job,  but since now that I am needed more of the time to attend to my 13 year olds doctors appointments, therapy and care with this recent accident that happened on 12/15. My finances have suffered an atomic bomb because of these  incidents and has affected all of our ASPECTS ON LIFE.  We are behind rent, utilities, phone, gas, groceries, miscellaneous items, and just entertainment for 13year old and a 2 year old by a month going on two. Any help you see fit. We would be most appreciative and grateful.”

Please support us in helping one of our DCIS families during this challenging time and consider donating.