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Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.

 – Rumi


Because DCIS in an international school, travel — whether international, national, regional or local — is a key part of the DCIS experience. Besides having the time of their lives and creating memories that will last a lifetime, students take away from travel innumerable lessons that no classroom can provide in exactly the same way. Following is a short list of what educational travel offers.

Challenges perspectives. Getting outside their usual “box” can lead students to question their preconceived ideas and challenge them to open their minds around meeting their basic needs for food, water, shelter and connection — things they might otherwise take for granted.

Builds grit and confidence. Because they’re away from the comforts of home and their regular support system, students get to see what they can accomplish on their own. Having to figure out how to catch the train, get from Point A to B, communicate in a language other than their native one, manage unfamiliar currency, sleep in less-than-comfortable surroundings and work to get or make a decent meal all stretch students in new ways, leading to newfound grit and confidence.

Cultivates compassion and appreciation. Students come to view the world and humanity in a different way when they are exposed to cultures and ways of living that differ from their own. Travel can also lead students to realize how much they appreciate their life back home.

Improves academic performance. Visiting historical sites, eating food very different from what one is used to, watching a performance in a different language, calculating how much of an unfamiliar currency is needed for both dinner and transportation … all these hands-on experiences make learning exciting and fun in ways that no textbook can, leading student travelers to gain and assimilate knowledge far more readily than their nontraveling peers.

Expands friendships. Students who immerse themselves in another country’s (or even another state’s) culture through travel, homestays and service programs learn how to break down language and cultural barriers and meet new friends they never would have known without traveling.

In short, educational travel helps students grow. And at DCIS, we want all our students who wish to travel to be able to do so. Our Travel Center offers a wide array of information on all kinds of individual and group trips, service opportunities, and hosting/exchange options and, importantly, myriad ways to fund them.